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cTune v1.0 released

C99 cTune Project Releases

ctune is Linux based internet radio stream player for the console entirely written in C. It uses the RadioBrowser API as a source for for searching streams and getting the stations' information.

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Blogator v1.3 released

Blogator Project Releases

New release for Blogator. An option to generate a JSON index of the blog's articles and, optionally the tags/years/authors indices is now available.

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Blogator v1.2 released

Blogator Project Releases

New release for Blogator that now includes a Table of Contents generator to use inside posts. In addition there was some major refactoring done in the code of the posts' output generation.

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Coronavirus info and form fetcher script for the French gov. page

Linux Releases Shell Script

The official french government page for the coronavirus is a good place to keep informed but (a) it's long and (b) doesn't indicate what exactly has changed... So I wrote this little shell script (BASH) to fetch the page and the 2 forms that are required when going outside lest you end up with a rather hefty fine. The script just compares the HTML and the txt version of the forms with any previously downloaded ones and signals if there are any changes between the two versions.

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Blogator v1.0 released

Blogator C++ Project Releases
Blogator logo

Blogator is a static site generator written in C++ with the least amount of dependencies possible outside of the standard template library (STL). The the project stemmed from the idea of having a blog on a static site host (Bitbucket/GitHub) that can be viewed without any degradation with scripts disabled in the browser.

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