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CMake Variable Injection

C++ CMake Notes PDF

Sometimes it's useful to inject CMake variables into the source code such as in the case of printing the project versions and do conditional builds.

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C++ Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII)

C++ Notes PDF

Some notes about RAII and how to leverage it in C++ for effective resource management.

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Retrospective: Blogator v1.0

Blogator C++ Project Retrospectives

This post highlights some of the aspects which I either found interesting, could be improved upon, or turned out to be a problem during development of the first version of the Blogator static site generator.

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Blogator v1.0 released

Blogator C++ Project Releases
Blogator logo

Blogator is a static site generator written in C++ with the least amount of dependencies possible outside of the standard template library (STL). The the project stemmed from the idea of having a blog on a static site host (Bitbucket/GitHub) that can be viewed without any degradation with scripts disabled in the browser.

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Terminal plot-graphs with braille characters

Algorithm C++ eadlib PDF Terminal
Terminal graph pic
Terminal graph using braille chars

Interesting aspects and problems encountered during development of the graph plotting component for EADlib (eadlib::cli::BraillePlot).

Since pixelated graphics can be created with the help of Unicode braille characters, why not make graphs?

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C++ Raw and Smart Pointers

C++ Notes PDF

Overview on how to use both raw C-like pointers and C++ smart pointers.

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