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Character encoding primer

Character encoding Notes

On computers where 1 and 0 rule supreme we must have a way to express the human languages in the written format. Do do this there are standards that map characters to numeric values.

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CMake Variable Injection

C++ CMake Notes PDF

Sometimes it's useful to inject CMake variables into the source code such as in the case of printing the project versions and do conditional builds.

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Basics of the Linux terminal and tools

Linux Notes PDF

Although a little intimidating for the beginner, the command line on Linux brings at your fingertips a cornucopia of powerful tools allowing operators endless ways to deal with computing related problems.

I've been meaning to create a "short" reference guide that collates what I would consider basic fundamentals and know-how for the linux command line and, finally, here it is!

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C++ Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII)

C++ Notes PDF

Some notes about RAII and how to leverage it in C++ for effective resource management.

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C++ Raw and Smart Pointers

C++ Notes PDF

Overview on how to use both raw C-like pointers and C++ smart pointers.

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Design Pattern: Object Pool

Design Patterns Notes

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Design Pattern: Singleton

Design Patterns Notes

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Working out coordinates using distances

Math Notes PDF

A long-form explanation on how to working out 2-dimensional and 3-dimenstional coordinates using distances.

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