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Terminal plot-graphs with braille characters

Algorithm C++ eadlib PDF Terminal
Terminal graph pic
Terminal graph using braille chars

Interesting aspects and problems encountered during development of the graph plotting component for EADlib (eadlib::cli::BraillePlot).

Since pixelated graphics can be created with the help of Unicode braille characters, why not make graphs?

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Creating bitmaps using braille characters

PDF Terminal
Bitmap Emoji
Bitmap braille emoji

Overview on how to use braille characters as bitmaps to create graphics in the terminal.

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Maximum value in a Sliding Window

Algorithm PDF

Algorithm to find maximum number in a sliding window.

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C++ Raw and Smart Pointers

C++ Notes PDF

Overview on how to use both raw C-like pointers and C++ smart pointers.

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Design Pattern: Object Pool

Design Patterns Notes

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Design Pattern: Singleton

Design Patterns Notes

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Python package based app structure

PDF Python

Quick guide of an approach to a Python application structure.

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Working out coordinates using distances

Math Notes PDF

A long-form explanation on how to working out 2-dimensional and 3-dimenstional coordinates using distances.

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Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro 2015

Guide Linux PDF
MBP Arch Linux

Arch Linux installation guide for MacBook Pro Retina mid 2015 models.

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