Blogator v1.0 released

Blogator C++ Project Releases

Blogator is a static site generator written in C++ with the least amount of dependencies possible outside of the standard template library (STL). The the project stemmed from the idea of having a blog on a static site host (Bitbucket/GitHub) that can be viewed without any degradation with scripts disabled in the browser.

Example site
Fig.1 Generated example site from v1.0b

Features include:

  • HTML5/CSS only so works with JS disabled (e.g. with NoScript),
  • Template driven (offers some flexibility in design)
  • Index generated by date and, optionally tags, years and/or authors,
  • Master indices broken up into pages,
  • Custom number of posts per page in the indices,
  • Per-page navigation,
  • Breadcrumbs (🍞 nom nom nom),
  • Optional post-specific custom stylesheets,
  • Custom month strings for dates (to "localise" month names on the index),
  • and more...
Bitbucket Repository (main)
Github Repository (mirror)