cTune v1.1 released

cTune C99 Project Releases

I figured for the new year I'd go back into the guts of ctune. Here's what's new with this update:


Options menu

The option menu now has a dynamically populated "Configuration" sub-menu.

On all listing tabs (favourites, search results and browser listing) the row size can now be changed from there. In addition, the favourite tab's theming can be toggled on/off.

Config menu 1
Fig.1 Configuration menu entry
Config menu 2
Fig.2 Configuration menu content

No more spelunking into the ~/.config/ctune/ folder to edit the config file by hand for these.

Resizing bug

The resize functionality now works properly. In version 1.0.0, resizing was a bit janky admittedly and it got worse with time as the ncurses library got updates. The reason was that both ctune and ncurses were fighting to control the resizing. Now ctune takes on that responsibility entirely (tested in Konsole).

Config file

The UI::Favourite:HideTheming configuration flag is now inverted into UI::Favourites::ShowTheme. The log will show an error at first launch and then default the UI to its internal default parameters so if there was some customisation done it may be overridden once.


The player component has been updated replacing deprecated FFMpeg library calls with their new updated equivalents.

Opportunistically, I did some refactoring and cleaning in the source code.


I've added Docker deployment config files to the repo along with a launch script to make the code-build-test cycle for the UI stuff a bit less involved.

No more having to remove an existing installation on the system in order to test/view changes! The docker image is build on ArchLinux's very own and passes through the host user's pulseaudio socket to play sound so this is for Linux hosts only.

Final words

As always, the update is available in Arch's AUR. Otherwise, it's a manual build/install.

That's it. Happy radio listening!

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