cTune v1.0 released

cTune C99 Project Releases
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ctune is Linux based internet radio stream player for the console entirely written in C. It uses the RadioBrowser API as a source for for searching streams and getting the stations' information.


  • Play/search/browse radio stations using the RadioBrowser API
  • Favourite stations from search/browse results
  • Add/Edit custom local-only stations to favourites
  • Sort favourites based on name/country/bitrate/codec/source/etc...
  • Context-based help for key bindings (F1 key).
  • Plugin system for playback (demuxing/resampling) and sound output (PCM)
  • Some UI customisations via configuration file (colours, row size)
cTune v1.0 UI showcase
Fig.1 cTune v1.0 UI showcase

The plugin system currently support FFMpeg and VLC as players and ALSA, PulseAudio, SLD2, sndio as sound outputs.

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