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Socket event epoll blocking in linux

C++ Linux Networking

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Circular Buffer

C99 Data Structure Linux
circular buffer'

A circular buffer is a really cool fixed-sized FIFO data-structure useful when passing a stream of data from a 'producer' and 'consumer' thread.

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HDD diagnosis and recovery tools

HDD failing

Linux offers all the tools needed to diagnose and recover data for free from a failing hard drive as long as it can still be read. I'm just going to cover in a general way some tooling options to repair or extract data on a problematic hard drive in this post.

For those who cannot be bothered to roll out their own custom recovery image, System rescue CD has most of the needed tools within. To note that there are other equally capable custom distros images available for this very purpose. A spare USB key with at least enough storage to hold the distro's image and a quick use of dd is all that required get going.

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Coronavirus info and form fetcher script for the French gov. page

Linux Releases Shell Script

The official french government page for the coronavirus is a good place to keep informed but (a) it's long and (b) doesn't indicate what exactly has changed... So I wrote this little shell script (BASH) to fetch the page and the 2 forms that are required when going outside lest you end up with a rather hefty fine. The script just compares the HTML and the txt version of the forms with any previously downloaded ones and signals if there are any changes between the two versions.

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A RaspberryPi Git server

Git Guide Linux PDF Python Server

Installation of a GIT server using Arch linux (ARM) and a RaspberryPi model 1B and some GPIO centered development to get buttons to do things.

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Basics of the Linux terminal and tools

Linux Notes PDF

Although a little intimidating for the beginner, the command line on Linux brings at your fingertips a cornucopia of powerful tools allowing operators endless ways to deal with computing related problems.

I've been meaning to create a "short" reference guide that collates what I would consider basic fundamentals and know-how for the linux command line and, finally, here it is!

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Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro 2015

Guide Linux PDF
MBP Arch Linux

Arch Linux installation guide for MacBook Pro Retina mid 2015 models.

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